Instigator from the Past


Tall, blond, and regal, Osric inherited his father’s penchant for shapeshifting and subtlety. He is naturally quiet and watchful, preferring to advise from the sidelines than play his hands. He has proven loyal to the family of Amber despite his banishment centuries ago.


Originally as hotheaded as his brother Finndo, Osric fell from Oberon’s graces and was banished with the plans of his destruction should he continue to prove a threat to Amber. While Finndo brooded and honed his martial prowess, Osric delved into sorcery and shapeshifting, ultimately insinuating himself back into court as the castles groundskeeper. The years dulled his fiery temper, and he soon began to see the authority and responsibility that his father wielded in defense of Amber and all Shadows. Osric knew that his brother Finndo was planning some catastrophic return to power, and made sure that he was positioned to quietly assist in his defeat, but he proved unable (or unwilling) to prevent the destruction of the Primal Pattern. He continued to quietly aid his brothers and nephews on the Grand Stair until the revelation of House Juniper played his hand and revealed his true identity. He remains an ally of Amber and enemy of his brother Finndo.


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