Master of Warfare


Tall, lanky, and serious, Benedict carries himself with a cautious watchfulness that comes from having mastered every form of combat. He is silent and humorless, but a loyal friend, carring little for the politics that his sibling enjoy so well.


Oldest (surviving, or so it was thought) son of Oberon, Benedict was too young to get caught up in the rebellion of his older brothers Finndo and Osric. When his legitimacy was questioned, Benedict withdrew even further from court politics, withdrawing to Shadow to learn all that he could of warfare, not wishing to share the same fate as his older brothers. He supports a stable monarch, regardless of rules of ascension. He has served as a mentor to Random’s son Martin and a staunch enemy to the Courts of Chaos, but his dalliance with the hellmaiden Lintra proved to set long waiting events in motion that caught up with him, pulling him into the Patternfall War. He went missing after the ultimate fall of the Pattern, lost on the Grand Stair, and lost into its history. It is rumored that he died fighting off an army of the Dwimmerlaik single-handedly, but those who know of his prowess doubt that an army could have defeated him so easily.


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