Protector of Avalon


Dark and beautiful, yet serious and fierce, few could mistake this raven-haired beauty for anything but a warrior. When not defending her loved ones she is the picture of culture and elegance, but when push comes to shove Deirdre is the one who will die fighting to save her family. And she did.


Deirdre is dead. She died at the rim of the Courts of Chaos, betrayed by a fallen brother who took her screaming into the Abyss. If there was a way to save her, none have found it. But the Pattern of Amber summoned up her Ghost, a recording of the last time that she walked the Pattern. Sent to influence Corwin, her ghost was instead adopted by his new Pattern. It sustains her and she in turn protects it, for it has proven far less manipulative and controlling that Dworkin’s original Pattern. And so Deirdre contentedly serves the Pattern and her brother Corwin. Her new life, if you can call it that, is better than no life at all. It’s a strange arrangement, but she makes the best of it as fiercely as she did when she was alive.


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