Guardian of the Spikards


Sandy haired and dressed often in somber colors accentuated by touches of gold, Delwin is a serious man who carefully considers all that goes on around him. A consummate plotter, he tends to watch and move people and events from the shadows.


Having fled the politics of Amber with his sister Sand, Delwin found himself engaged in a much larger and older conspiracy, one that transcended any petty squabble between Amber and the Courts of Chaos. Immersing himself into the ancient plots of the Kindred, Delwin took on the role of collector and guardian of the Spikards, those ancient sources of power that once figured so prominently in the war between Chaos and the Feynim. Seeing such ancient powers return, he plotted with his siblings Bleys and Fiona to position some of the Spikards back into the hands of those who could wield them with the most effectiveness. Most recently his hand was seen after the creation of the Grand Stair as he manipulated his own son Michael Thane, giving him a Spikard and then freeing him from it’s insidious control. There may be none who know the spiraling of events such as he.


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