Vengeful Scion


A massive powerhouse, Finndo has all of the strength of Oberon and the finesse of his brother Benedict. Described as a charging locomotive, he is silent and serious, destroying all in his path, but also calculating and patient, enacting his plans of destruction over centuries when the time is right.


Oldest son of Oberon and heir to the legacy of Amber, Finndo’s discretions cost him his princedom. Bitter and plotting, he attempted to overthrow his father, who set him up to fall before the Moonriders of Ghanesh. But Finndo survived, and plotted with his would be killers to strike back and destroy Amber. He bided his time, waiting until the moment was right and he had accrued the right pawns in his acts of vengeance. With Eric’s son Derek and the LaShai’On, he attempted first to murder off his nieces and nephews that might stand in his way, and then staged a series of raids on Amber, culminating in the destruction of the Primal Pattern and his grandfather Dworkin. While it is unlikely that he could have survived such destruction himself, Finndo has proven that he is nigh unkillable and driven by an unquenchable thirst for vengeance at any cost.


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