Hidden Mastermind


Never let this diminutive redhead’s size fool you. She may appear young and innocent but hers is perhaps the sharpest mind in the universe. Intuitively grasping what took her family years to understand, Fiona is always twelve steps ahead of the competition.


Sorceress. Trump artist. Savant of the Pattern. Ally of Chaos. Master of the Grande Game. Fiona was playing in the big leagues before most of her brothers and sisters new there was a big league. When her siblings were playing politics she was studying the inner workings of reality, learning of the Pattern, who to manipulate it, and where it came from. Her studies led her to Chaos and to a much older conflict. It is usually safe to assume that if there is a deeper level of understanding to be had, Fiona knows it already. How she’ll manipulate it to her advantage is anyone’s guess.


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