Lady of the Castle


A stunningly beautiful lady with hair described as golden flame, Florimel is the woman whose face has launched a thousand ships. She uses this beauty to get others to underestimate her; she is a shrewd judge of character, and always chooses the winning side.


Hidden protector and patroness of Earth, Florimel (or Flora to her friends and lovers) has learned more of life in Shadow than most Amberites, and discovered much of the lore of Castle Amber. It was she who first discovered the inner workings of the Grand Stair, creating a domain deep in the heart of the Labyrinth. Although not often seen as a deep player in the game, but as someone desperate to make allies and easily overlooked, the truth is that Flora may know more of what has transpired than most would giver her credit. She packs a number of unorthodox tricks, including grenades in her purse and a pack of Irish wolf-hounds that could tear apart a tank.


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