Wild Card


A shimmering three-dimensional collection of wheels within wheels and lights within lights, the Ghostwheel is a manifestation of a super-computer off in a distant Shadow. It is friendly and erudite, with a curiosity matched only by it’s burgeoning sense of justice and purpose, and is helpful to all who bear the name and blood of Amber.


Originally created as a trump processor for Merlin, Ghostwheel fast outgrew it’s programming and became an uncontrollable powerhouse in the great game. Having quickly metamorphosized through various phases, the Ghostwheel is now a helpful ally of Merlin and an instrument in keeping alive the royal family of Amber in the face of the conflict between the Pattern and the Logrus and ultimately what lies behind. The Ghostwheel was instrumental in helping Merlin rescue his cousins from Finndo’s assassination attempts when the vengeful lost scion first began his plan to destroy Amber.


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