Distant Watcher


Displaying the heritage of Rebma, the unearthly beauty of Llewella is a green-haired wonder that seems almost ethereal, a view she maintains by her distant demeanor. Her steady yet disinterested gaze and alien appearance keep most at arm’s distance despite her uncanny beauty, and she likes in this way.


King Oberon’s dalliance with Moins queen of Rebma resulted in a child, heir to both kingdoms. Oberon eventually adopted her, officiating her into the power and politics of court. He may not have needed to bother. Llewella’s is a presence rarely felt in Amber. She is content to guard her power over the Pattern of Rebma, the mirrored city beneath the waves, just off the coast of Amber. She resides there still, watching the unfolding of events from afar, poised to make any play that she deems necessary.


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