Lord of the Pattern


An incredibly strong and regal figure, the King of Amber is the definition of power and lordship. Dressed in royal green and resplendent gold, the mighty Oberon commands respect from all he encounters, although his fearsome temper was tempered by his recent sojourn through Shadows as he lived among the common shadow-folk and saw his family from a distance.


Youngest son of the mad prophet Dworkin Barimen, the incredibly strong shapeshifter Oberon possessed the true knowledge of the perfected Pattern, and was the inspiration for Dworkin in destroying his original Pattern and inscribing a new one. Under his leadership House Barimen was saved from her enemies and Oberon founded Amber at the sight of the Pattern, birthing a new family that would rule reality from it’s radiance. When his son Brand attempted to destroy the Pattern, Oberon gave his life to repair it, not knowing that his son Corwin had already drawn a new Pattern. Year later his grandson Merlin discovered that a ghost of Oberon had been summoned up from the Pattern to protect its interests; this older version of Oberon displayed much of the arrogance of the king before his sojourn in Shadows.


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